FAST COLOURLOCK™ is our solution for Medical and Surgical Device Manufacturers

who need an outstanding aluminum finish that meets today’s stringent regulatory requirements for instrument cleanability, and human factors design.

Our ability to create distinct, and sharp color-based identifications and markings, maximizes in-service time for medical device operators, and balances visual attractiveness with cutting-edge surface technology.

  • Ideally suited for medical and surgical devices that require durability, and custom human factors markings and control surface labeling
  • Designed to withstand surgical cleaners, and industry-leading EtO and VHP sterilization processes
  • Maintains visual attractiveness after repeat sterilization – 50+ cycles
  • Can obtain coating tolerance of 0.5 mil (12.7 µm)
  • Available in multiple attractive colors and shades
  • Does not fade, peel or blister after sterilization
  • Maintains a high-sheen and lustrous finish unlike competing hardcoat or traditional anodize systems
  • RoHS, REACH, and EWRA compliant


FAST is honored to have many long-term relationships among a diverse mix of industries.

We work directly with OEMs and their contract manufacturing partners, primarily in the following industries:

  • Medical & Surgical Device
  • Scientific & Laboratory
  • Optics & High Precision
  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Specialty Industrial


Whether you need a small-batch, prototyping run, or require a full-production facility, our coating engineers are always available to assist in meeting your requirements.

FAST provides customers with the following aluminum anodize coatings and associated services:

We Offer

  • Type II – Mil-A-8625
    • Class 1 – Clear
    • Class 2 – Dyed
  • Type III – Hardcoat – Mil-A-8625
    • Class 1 – Clear
    • Class 2 – Dyed
  • Expedited production and delivery
  • Masking
    • Paint
    • Plug
    • Screw
    • Tape
  • Manufacturers Quality Control Certificate
  • Manufacturing Process Certification


FAST is a solutions-orientated, innovation-driven company providing customers with exceptional surface coatings.

By providing reliable and high-quality services, we build long-term, data-driven relationships with our customers.

Through these relationships, we add value to our customers by:

  • Exceeding technical needs
  • Actively managing risks and maintaining regulatory compliance
  • Openly sharing constructive knowledge
  • Developing future solutions

Our culture is built on trust, commitment to excellence, community and family. Our customers are an extension of our community.

We recognize the importance of the services we provide and the impact we have to patient and user safety.


Florida Anodize System & Technologies, Inc. (FAST) is committed to providing exceptional quality aluminum anodic surface coatings. Founded in 1997, each day we strive to do better, and to be a reliable partner for our customers.

We primarily serve the Medical, Aerospace, Defense and Specialty Manufacturing OEM Markets, but we are eager to work with customers of all industries.

Our customers share one defining characteristic: the need for the best anodic coating.

Our Principles

  • We will provide the same level of exceptional and unrelenting service to each customer, regardless of if they want us to anodize one piece or thousands
  • We will maintain strict compliance with our customer’s handling requirements and technical specifications
  • Our quality control and quality management practices will be beyond reproach, and our customers will benchmark us at the top of their supplier list
  • We will commit ourselves to outstanding technical understanding and continuous research and development