At Florida Anodize System & Technologies, Inc. (FAST), we are committed to providing our customers with the very best in aluminum anodic coatings. Since our founding in 1997, we have strived each day to do better than the last and have worked hard to be a reliable partner our customers can depend on.

While we primarily serve the medical, aerospace, defense and manufacturing industries, we are eager to work with customers of all industries. Whether our customer is large multi-national firm, or an individual hobbyist, they share one defining characteristic: the need for only the best anodic coating available.

Our Solemn Guarantee

  • We will provide the same level of exceptional and unrelenting service to each customer, regardless of if they want us to anodize one piece or thousands
  • We will maintain strict compliance to our customer’s handling requirements and technical specifications
  • Our quality control practices will be beyond reproach, and our customer’s will benchmark us at the top of their supplier list
  • We will commit ourselves to outstanding technical understanding and continuous research and development

FAST COLOURLOCK™ aluminum anodic coatings provide the surgical cleaner resistance and sterilization compatibility necessary to meet the challenges of modern medical and surgical devices.

Available in several vibrant and attractive colors, FAST COLOURLOCK™ is designed to withstand high-pH cleaners, and industry-leading EtO and VHP sterilization processes. FAST COLOURLOCK™ is RoHS, REACH, and EWRA compliant.

Aluminum components with the FAST COLOURLOCK™ coating maintain a high-sheen and lustrous finish that is otherwise lost when hardcoat and traditional ornamental anodize systems undergo repeated sterilization cycles, all the while maintaining coating thicknesses up to 0.0005”.

FAST COLOURLOCK™ can be applied to create distinct, and sharp identification and decorative markings that do not fade, peel or blister. This balance of visual attractiveness and cutting-edge surface technology provides medical device manufacturers the outstanding finish needed for today’s stringent regulatory environment and maximizes in-service time for medical device operators.


FAST is also able to provide customers with traditional aluminum anodize coatings for the aerospace, defense and industrial markets. Whether you need a small-batch, prototyping run, or are looking for a full-production run facility, our coating engineers are always available to assist in meeting your requirements.

Mil-A-8625 Type II

Mil-A-8625 Type II

Mil-A-8625 Type III

Mil-A-8625 Type III

We Offer

  • Mil-A-8625 Type II
    • Class 1 – Clear
    • Class 2 – Dyed
  • Mil-A-8625 Type III – Hardcoat
    • Class 1 – Clear
    • Class 2 – Dyed
  • Masking
    • Paint
    • Plug
    • Screw
    • Tape
  • Manufacturers Quality Control Certificate
  • Manufacturing Process Certification
  • Expedited production and delivery


FAST is ISO:13485:2016 complaint and will undergo complete audit and full certification shortly.

Developing and manufacturing a specialty coating product that can withstand surgical cleaning, as well as EtO and VHP sterilization processes is a challenge. Coupling that with the ability to meet extremely tight tolerances up to 0.0005” increases the degree of difficulty many times over. With over 20 years of experience in aluminum anodizing, FAST has a deep understanding of how to reliably and accurately provide the corrosion resistant precision coatings expected of us by our customers.

As such, we maintain a philosophy of steadfast continuous improvement in all of our processes so that we can consistently deliver the exceptional level of performance that our customers rely upon.

To ensure our own reliability, we recognize the importance of dependable suppliers. Our Supplier Quality protocols are devoted to ensuring that we use only those suppliers that meet our high-quality standards. Suppliers are regularly audited against their quality processes, and those that cannot meet our quality requirements will not be selected.

We also achieve reliability through constant analysis of in-process data and active quality control measures. Process Controls on our coating line notify our staff of adverse trends to production or test equipment and enable us to confine issues to our production facility, preventing them from reaching our customers.


We understand that we are only one part of our customers’ supply chain. By working closely together, we aim to be a highly synchronized and harmonious supply chain partner to each of our customers. With our philosophy of open, frequent, and accurate exchange of information, we are able to practice operational excellence and prevent the costly distortions and inefficiencies that result from a lack of communication. In addition, by working closely with our customers, we find that we are able to help reduce our customer’s work in-process inventory, improve delivery service, shorten product development cycles, and enable them to be more competitive in the marketplace.


Though we do appreciate the interest, FAST is a privately held business and does not maintain a public listing.

However, we do welcome and entertain inquiries from private equity, venture capital and professionally managed family offices with experience, and knowledge in our sector. Similarly, we are always interested in hearing from our industry peers for partnership, acquisition (buy-side) and licensing opportunities.

Additionally, we have a keen interest in making Seed Stage, and Series A investments in medical device, nanotechnology, and specialty coating technology companies.