Florida Anodize System & Technologies, Inc. (FAST) is committed to providing exceptional quality aluminum anodic surface coatings. Founded in 1997, each day we strive to do better, and to be a reliable partner for our customers.

We primarily serve the Medical, Aerospace, Defense and Specialty Manufacturing OEM Markets, but we are eager to work with customers of all industries.

Our customers share one defining characteristic: the need for the best anodic coating.

Our Principles

  • We will provide the same level of exceptional and unrelenting service to each customer, regardless of if they want us to anodize one piece or thousands
  • We will maintain strict compliance with our customer’s handling requirements and technical specifications
  • Our quality control and quality management practices will be beyond reproach, and our customers will benchmark us at the top of their supplier list
  • We will commit ourselves to outstanding technical understanding and continuous research and development